Corporate Staff

The LST staff brings together a variety of backgrounds, skills and talents from several fields. With experiences ranging from diving, aerospace and medical equipmentengineering and physiology to wound care and clinical hyperbarics, Life Support Technologies group brings internationally recognized experts to your service.

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  • Glenn Butler

    Founder / CEO

    Glenn Butler has more than 35 years experience in military and commercial diving, and clinical hyperbaric operations. He has developed and/or operated twenty (20) plus major hospital-based Hyperbaric Medicine programs internationally.

    Mr. Butler was the principal consultant when LST was sole-sourced by NASA-Johnson Space Center to engineer zero-gravity simulation breathing systems and develop new oxygen safety standards for the astronaut training program designed to support the Hubble Space Telescope emergency repair mission. He continues to lead the group’s efforts in its on-going role with NASA and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) clients.

    Glenn Butler was a founding member of the National Board Certification for Hyperbaric Technologists and is a member of the UHMS Hyperbaric Safety Committee. He served for many years as a member of the NFPA-99 Hyperbaric Technical Committee. He has authored several HBO2-related U.S. patents and published more than 36 scientific documents.

  • Patrick Mccabe

    CFO - Chief Financial Officer

    Patrick McCabe has a unique financial and business experience in the management and operation of hospital based wound care and hyperbaric medicine centers. With decades of experience as VP of Finance for a large marine construction and commercial diving corporation, he was responsible for operating budgets of over 20 million USD. At LST, we appreciate his expertise in numerous Hyperbaric Medicine deep sea and saturation diving series from the North American Hyperbaric Center in New York to the North Sea Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Patrick has been instrumental in directing LST’s expansion to a major healthcare provider company, both nationally and internationally.

  • Jorge Beale, BBA

    COO – Chief Operating Officer

    Jorge Beale has years of professional experience in all aspects of hospital based hyperbaric medicine and wound care management. In his role as COO, Jorge oversees the daily operations off all LST group businesses, including the LST hyperbaric facilities.

    His expertise in the areas of medical billing and insurance, electronic medical records (EMR), as well as IT management is invaluable for LST’s continued success.

    Mr. Beale graduated from Iona College Hagan School of Business with a degree in business administration, and he is New York State Life and Health Insurance licensed.

  • Mark Chipps, CHT, EMT

    VP Corporate Compliance & Safety

    Mark Chipps has an advanced working knowledge of NFPA-99, and UHMS hyperbaric codes, as well as JCAHO, and AAAHC code compliance. In his current role as Corporate Compliance Officer, Mark is focused on LST corporate compliance as well as hospital partner UHMS and Joint Commission accreditation. He is also an alternate member of the NFPA Hyperbaric & Hypobaric Technical Committee.

    Mark has been Hyperbaric Chamber Unit Supervisor and Safety Director at the Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) multiplace chamber system. He has a strong background in EMS as well as extensive experience in DAN diver accident management and ventilated critical patient care.

  • Michael Merrow, CHT

    Regional Manager

    Michael Merrow has been a board-Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) since 1999 and an EMT since 1997. He is currently Hyperbaric Operations Manager for LST, working in Mineola, NY at Winthrop University Hospital’s very busy hyperbaric unit.

    Previous positions with LST include: Lead Hyperbaric Technician, Hyperbaric Unit Manager, Acting Safety Director, Hyperbaric Course Planner for Long Island, and Hyperbaric Regional Manager for Long Island.

  • Christine Chuck, MBA

    Billing Supervisor

    Christine is the company’s billing coordinator. Overseeing the integrity and reconciliation of our revenue cycle. Christine has a combined 23 plus years experience of working with patients and insurance companies in a hospital setting.

    Christine enjoys working with patients through the financial process of healthcare while ensuring maximum satisfaction to all our clients.

    Christine has a broad educational history. She obtained a BA in Social Sciences from New York University; MS in Healthcare Administration; and an MBA in Human Resources. She also has certificates in Long Term Care, Business Continuity and Risk Management from Iona College; Certificate in Billing and Coding from Westchester Community College and is currently pursuing New York State licensure.

  • Regina “Sunny” Sonnenrein, BS

    Marketing Specialist

    Sunny’s background includes work for major corporations both in her native Germany and the US, before changing careers and becoming a paramedic. She served in various busy EMS systems in NY and CT.

    Becoming a CHT in the early 1990s combined her EMS, SCUBA and fire department experiences. Sunny worked in marketing for a hyperbaric equipment manufacturer, with responsibilities in sales, research and compliance. At LST, she is responsible for all aspects of marketing and social media.

  • Jacques F. Vieweg

    Facility Engineer

    Jacques brings decades of background and experience in mechanical engineering to LST’s research and maintenance projects. With his expertise in R&D, product testing; and patent development, LST relies on Jacques for his talents and problem-solving abilities in mechanical and electrical engineering, welding; and robotics.

    Jacques directs the fabrication and installation of gas panels, all technical aspects of clinical research and materials testing, as well as all maintenance and repairs for hypo- and hyperbaric chamber systems.

  • “My thanks to the staff at the hyperbaric and wound care center! They really helped me by explaining my illness and the treatments. They encouraged me to stop smoking during hyperbaric treatments, and I actually quit – that was a nice result, besides healing my foot.”

    David C
    Nashua, NH
  • “The staff was very caring and professional. They explained the treatments step by step and made me feel at ease.”

    Martha R
    Montrose, NY
  • “I am glad I did not hesitate to go to the wound care and hyperbaric center – this decision may have saved my foot from being amputated.”

    Richard M
    Mineola, NY
  • “After years of dealing with my diabetic foot problems, a friend told me about the wound care center where he had been helped. I did not even realize how bad my foot ulcer was until the doctors and nurses started taking care of me”

    Walter S
    Washington, NJ
  • “I thought I was watching my Type I Diabetes well enough over the years, but the staff at the hyperbaric and wound center helped me beyond healing my foot ulcer – diabetes education and nutrition counseling really helped me take care of myself”

    Elise B
    Brooklyn, NY
  • “Our whole family suffered Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The staff at the hospital hyperbaric center was woken up in the middle of the night to treat us, and they were so caring in a situation that was so devastating for us. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and professionalism”

    Kevin N
    Center Moriches, NY
  • “The all-around approach of wound care, hyperbaric treatments and nutrition changes have made a big difference for me. Big thanks to the staff at the hyperbaric center for getting me back on track!”

    Anita H
    Trumbull, CT
  • “I was dealing with bone loss and pain after my cancer radiation. Without hyperbaric oxygen, I would not have healed the way I did. It was a relief to be in the care of such a wonderful team!”

    Isabel M
    Stockbridge, MA
  • “My thanks to the staff at the hyperbaric and wound care center! They really helped me by explaining my illness and the treatments. They encouraged me to stop smoking during hyperbaric treatments, and I actually quit – that was a nice result, besides healing my foot.”

    David C
    Nashua, NH
  • “The staff was very caring and professional. They explained the treatments step by step and made me feel at ease.”

    Martha R
    Montrose, NY